Bankruptcy of legal entities

Bankruptcy of legal entities

Bankruptcy of legal entities – article

Tenzor Consulting Group provides corporate bankruptcy services for debtors, creditors and others involved in insolvency arbitration proceedings.

The professional experience of our employees will help resolve the issue of debts and save most of the property. By entrusting your problems to experienced lawyers, you will be able to effectively and adequately go through all stages of the bankruptcy procedure.

Legal entity bankruptcy support by Tenzor Consulting Group specialists is a wide range of measures that will allow:


  • Remove arrests from property;
  • Protect yourself from the activities of creditors;
  • Liquidate an enterprise with debts;
  • Protect the head of the organization from criminal and property liability;
  • Stop enforcement proceedings and accrual of penalties for overdue obligations.


  • Challenge the debtor’s suspicious transactions;
  • Preserve the assets of the debtor company;
  • Efficiently collect debts;
  • Return illegally withdrawn assets of the debtor;
  • Bring the head of the debtor to administrative, property and criminal liability.

Bankruptcy legal services provided by Tenzor Consulting Group include the following activities:

  • Primary consultation and conducting a comprehensive legal analysis of the company’s activities in order to identify the possibility of restoring its solvency;
  • Preparation of the decision of the governing bodies of the debtor’s enterprise on liquidation and the formation of a liquidation commission;
  • Implementation of actions and preparation of documents necessary for making an entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities about the beginning of the liquidation of the enterprise, as well as for publishing a message in the media about the beginning of the procedure;
  • Drafting and filing a petition to the arbitration court to declare the debtor bankrupt;
  • Development of an anti-crisis management strategy, risk assessment at each stage of the bankruptcy procedure and measures to prevent them;
  • Service for the selection of an insolvency practitioner and legal assistance when interacting with him;
  • Representation of the company’s lawyers in court on behalf of a debtor;
  • Arrangement and holding a meeting of creditors;
  • Representing the interests of a debtor, bankruptcy creditor or other persons involved in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Appeal against certain actions or omissions of the insolvency practitioner;
  • Challenging the inclusion in the register of unfair or illegal claims;
  • Development of a debt restructuring scheme in order to preserve the company’s assets;
  • Settlements with creditors in the presence of funds;
  • Supporting the liquidation of the enterprise up to the exclusion of the debtor from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.