Tax Practice

Limited time and high employment do not always allow entrepreneurs and business owners to be well informed of rapidly changing tax laws. More than 10 years experts of Tenzor Consulting Group hold consultations on the calculation and payment of compulsory payments, determining the tax consequences of civil transactions, taxation of business enterprises.

The team of experienced lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group, who knows Russian law well, is ready to offer the following services:

  • Tax Optimization

This service is supposed to hold analysis of tax scheme which already used by enterprise, construction of new taxation schemes, taking into account the specifics of the client, the introduction of the proposed tax scheme and the initial control over its operation.

  • Tax Planning

This service can include a complete analysis of the financial and economic activity of the enterprise; identifying of tax problems of a particular company; determination of the most promising areas of tax optimization; development of recommendations on tax planning for a particular taxpayer, basing on the results of the study.

  • Transaction support / Tax implications

This service involves complex legal support of civil transactions, including tax advice, preparation of necessary documents for the transaction, interaction with public authorities, including the registers and in the preparation of the transaction.

  • Management of tax disputes in courts, litigation of recovery  sum of tax penalties

Experts of Tenzor Consulting Group represent clients in various stages of the tax dispute as in the courts of general jurisdiction as in arbitration courts.

  • Tax Audit

This service is supposed holding of an audit of calculation and compulsory payments.