• Legal services for businesses

    Law firm that specializes in legal consulting, provides legal services for the I foreign and Russian companies on the territory of Russia, CIS and far abroad

  • Legal services for businesses

    Success on legal grounds

  • Legal services for businesses

    Agility, effectiveness, implementation. The principles which are consistent with our customers' expectation

  • Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
  • International Chamber of Commerce
  • TOP M&A Legal Advisor in Russia
  • Corporate INTL Global Awards 2011 Winner
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sochi
  • Deutsch-Russische Auslandshandelskammer
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Russia
About company

Tenzor Consulting Group - a law firm founded in 2003 - specializes in legal consulting, providing comprehensive legal support to Russian and foreign business enterprises in Russia, CIS and far abroad.

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Legal services is one of the most complicated (and interesting) fields. More than ten years Tenzor Consulting Group has been working for the benefit of Russian business and helps companies to develop, to win the arguments and save money.

We provide legal services in Moscow, but we can carry on the client’s business in other cities of Russia, in countries near and far abroad - where you need it.

Prejudicial settling

Law firm services can help in prejudicial settling of issues. Most of the questions can be without the involvement of the court. In the prejudicial procedure you can resolve the conflict arising between business partners, to respond to a claim of the counterparty for breach of contract.

A lawyer will help to resolve the conflict, to consult or to give an advice, or to act as an intermediary. With the assistance of a lawyer, you can reach an amicable agreement without going to court - this is how most conflicts are solvedin the world practice. It is faster and cheaper than to engage in the difficult procedure for trial.

Support in court

In case it came to court, you need legal assistance. Lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group will act as representatives in the courts of any instance, including international ones, perform claim-related work and prepare documents for filing a lawsuit, appeal or cassation. Tenzor Consulting Group provides comprehensive legal services.

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