Dispute resolution

Recognition of the rights on property, penalty recovery, compensation of losses, settlement of claims by state bodies, carrying into the judgment execution are only a small part of the issues with which our clients have to face in disputes with third parties.

We believe that any conflict situation between the two parties could be settled out of court with the minimum financial and time costs through the well-organized work with contractors.

Tenzor Consulting Group provides legal support at all stages: from the participation and representation of clients in negotiations with contractors to representation in court and enforcement of judgment execution. For 10 years lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group successfully protect the rights and advocate the client’s interests. Experience and professional skills of the team allow us to offer client the most effective solution to resolve the crisis and conflict.

On behalf of clients lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group deal with dispute resolution in as for:

  • Recognition of right
  • Law violation of the owner or the other lawful owner
  • Compensation of losses / Damage recovery
  •  Invalidation of  Act of the state or local authority
  • Carrying into execution of court judgment (enforcement)
  • Recognition of avoidable transaction as invalid and the application of consequences of its invalidity
  • Termination or modification of  legal relation

Lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group represent clients in arbitration courts, in courts of general jurisdiction and in the international arbitration courts and they are ready to offer their services:

  • Implementation Claims  work
  • Preparation of documents for courts
  • Work on recovery and management debt
  • Representation of Bankruptcy
  •  Participation in court proceedings as a representative of the plaintiff, defendant, third party
  • Support enforcement proceedings