Vim Avia: is it possible to normalize the situation?


One big deal related to the bankruptcy of Transaero failed to end, as it became known about the financial problems of another large company, Wim-Avia. In the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Tatarstan in respect of "Wim-Avia" received an application to declare the debtor bankrupt from the company "Mosstroyekonombank." The amount of claims is more than 88 million rubles, the total accounts payable from "Wim-Avia" about 7 billion rubles.

To date, most of Vim-Avia's flights have been delayed, in social networks passengers share photos about how flights are delayed, and in what conditions passengers have to wait for a landing announcement.

Passengers who have already taken tickets have volunteered to help several airlines - Ural Airlines, IFly, Red Wings, NordStar, IKAR, Severny Veter and Yakutia. Flights will be carried out on the tickets already purchased from Wim-Avia. From Antalya airport flights are carried out by Royal Flight and Azure Air.

Tourists staying abroad can be calm - problems with air travel will be settled by the tour operator. You need to stay in touch with the representatives of the tour operator in your hotel, you will be notified of any changes. If you are going to apply to the court on the fact of flight delay, take a document confirming the delay from the representatives of Wim-Avia, or from another airline, if the carrier was replaced.

While waiting for the flight, you have the following rights:

· The provision of rooms for the mother and the child to a passenger with a child under the age of seven;

· Two phone calls or two e-mail messages, waiting for the departure of the flight for more than two hours;

· Provision of soft drinks while waiting for the departure of the flight for more than two hours;

· Provision of hot meals while waiting for the departure of the flight for more than four hours and then every six hours - in the daytime and every eight hours - at night;

· Accommodation in the hotel with the expectation of departure of the flight for more than eight hours - in the daytime and more than six hours - at night;

· Transportation by transport from the airport to the hotel and back in those cases when the hotel is provided without charging an additional fee;

· Organization of luggage storage.

Services are provided to passengers without additional charges.

Purchased tickets themselves can still be returned to the airline, if there are any problems you need to immediately make a claim, and, accordingly, submit documents to the court, based on the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights". It also needs to be done if the airline has not fulfilled its obligations to organize a hotel or not fed passengers during a flight delay.

In the claim it is necessary to state all the circumstances of the case and demand a refund of money at a certain time. If the money is not returned, you need to go to court. State duty for such claims is not provided. To the claims you need to add costs for the services of the representative. After receiving the court decision, you need to get the writ of execution in court, and send it to the bailiffs service at the Respondent's location. In the course of the bankruptcy procedure, the order of repayment of debts will be determined, which will also reflect passengers who have suffered from poor-quality airline service.

Also, a criminal case has been opened against the management of Vim-Avia. "The investigation established that no later than September 22, 2017, officials of the airline had a criminal intent aimed at stealing money from passengers by deception on an especially large scale. Knowingly knowing that the airline's money is not enough to purchase fuel, including at Domodedovo airport, without having contracts for the supply of fuel with other suppliers and thus not being able to fulfill the obligations for the transportation of passengers, officials continued to sell air tickets for flights, getting for this by cheating money in the amount of over 1 million rubles, "- said the official representative of the SC Svetlana Petrenko. It is already known that the owners of the company fled outside the country to avoid criminal prosecution, and the CEO and chief accountant are taken into custody. In respect of these persons, an investigation will be conducted under Part 4 of Art. 159 ("Fraud committed by a group in an especially large amount").

The company "Wim-Avia" has many current affairs in several Russian arbitration courts, and on most of the cases is the defendant. According to Rosaviation, the airline "Wim-Avia" does not have the resources to continue operations, which means that the carrier will soon cease to exist. It is already known that from October 16 all flights will be completely discontinued.

02 October 2017