Tender support

Taking into account the State order amount which increases each year, the difficulties of the procedures of organization and participation in auctions it is important to be correct and competent dealing with the current legislation, to use the legal norms correctly which concern the procedure of state and municipal order placement, to represent worthily ones organization in a definite sphere, stand ones ground in case of a controversial situation.

For a long period Tenzor Consulting Group takes part in various biddings, order placement procedures, wins and concludes prospective state contracts. Furthermore a great attention is paid to the legal groundwork holding and participation in open competitive tenders, auctions, price quotation requests, performer selections etc.

By devoting much time and strength to investigation and analysis of the market of state procurement, acting simultaneously on the part of both the client and the agent, our company succeeds to feel all the nuances of this complicated procedure, learn all the tricks and pitfall, and consequently fulfill the work to the client’s benefit and prevent multiple complaints and possible claims to the court for rights protection.  

A great experience of holding and organization of tenders, highly-skilled personnel of the company, professional approach to work, successful outcome of the legal support of the activity both of the government structures and the participants of order placement helps Tenzor Consulting Group to render proper and prompt legal support and complete the work successfully creating the reputation of a reliable partner. 

We would like to bring to your notice the following services:

The services for state customers and bidding process organizers:
- consultations on legislation in the sphere of state purchases
- elaboration, drafting and legal examination of tender documentation
- drawing of provisions and methodic documents which regulate the organization and realization of the order placement procedure on the spot;
- consultation during the examination based on the results of the tender;;  
- agency in the Federal antimonopoly service, appropriate agencies and municipal organizations , in the Arbitral Court and other bodies dealing with the procedure of order placement;

The services for the participants of order placement:

- consultations on legislation in the sphere of state purchases;
- legal examination of tender documentation regarding its accordance to the current legislation; 
- drawing up expert conclusions regarding the definite questions and situations arising during procurement;
- preparation, drafting and filing applications for participation in tenders;
- representation of interests of the participant of order placement in dispute settlement bodies, elaboration and legal support of the complaints on the state customer’s actions;
- representation in biddings;
- rendering the legal aid in solving any questions concerning conclusion, execution, cancellation of  state and municipal contracts.