Support of External Economic Activity

External economic Activity is one of the leading tendencies of Tenzor Consulting Group. Experts on international law support foreign companies in the Russian Federation, and companies with foreign capital. This tendency is in demand among the leaders of organizations representing different business areas: 

  • Development, execution and complex legal support of foreign economic contracts;
  • Preparation of a full package of documents for the execution of foreign transaction;
  • Legal support of activity of foreign companies in the Russian Federation and the companies with foreign capital;
  • Legal defense of foreign investments;
  • Legal Diagnostics of foreign business partners;
  • Foreign economic dispute resolution, including the ICAC at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and international courts of arbitration;
  • Diagnostic of possible custom, tax and foreign exchange risks in the import and export of goods, the recommendations to correct deficiencies and proposals for optimization of foreign economic activity.