Set up business in Russia

The activity of foreign companies in Russia is carried out through the following three basic forms of organization of their commercial activities:

  • Establishment of a separate legal entity with full or partial participation of foreign capital (a subsidiary);
  • Operate through a permanent establishment (branch);
  • Limited presence without permanent representation.

Tenzor Consulting Group lawyers are ready to provide you the following services to start a business in Russia:

  • Develop recommendations on the choice of ownership of a legal entity;
  • Consultations on the formation of the package of documents for registration of juridical persons of documents;
  • Organization of accreditation of representative offices and branches in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Opening of accounts in Russian banks;
  • Preparation of documentation required to carry out activities on the territory of Russia (licenses, permits, certificates, etc.);
  • Subsequent financial and legal support to economic activity created in Russia organization.

Tenzor Consulting Group can provide a full range of services for opening business in Russia, and each service separately, depending on the client's tasks.

Russian market for foreign investors. How to start business in Russia.

Tenzor Consulting Group have published a practical guidance for businessmen “Doing Business Internationally”. In this book there are given basic recommendations for organization and development of business in different countries like China, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Germany, Canada and also in some European countries.

Tensor Consulting Group law firm prepared a detailed report on how foreign investor should conduct himself on the Russian market:

  • basic economic figures of Russian market
  • particularities of export of goods to Russia
  • tax and customs regulations
  • government support of business
  • judicial system of the Russian Federation
  • others

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