Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private partnership is a mutually beneficial alliance of the government and the private sector, which demonstrates its effectiveness in the realization of socially significant projects in a wide range of spheres of activity - from the development of strategically important economic sectors to the delivery of public services across the country or individual territories.

PPP involves participation of private sector in a particular project in association with public authorities on the terms of compensation costs, risks sharing, liabilities, competences.

The benefit of PPP for the private sector is  obtaining income, usually long-term business, which is focused on the creation of an effective system of public goods / services in which the participation of the state is supposed reducing the risks of the project.

PPP - one of the priorities of the Company Tenzor Consulting Group. The regular work on PPP projects formed a competent and professional approach to the details of the project of leading lawyers of the Company. Lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group fully maintain PPP projects and support in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive legal diagnostic of public-private partnership (PPP)
  • Development of the concept and the scheme of PPP realization
  • Realization and legal support of agreements settled with the help of public-private partnership (PPP)
  • Support of projects for the creation and operation of different types of SEZ, the SEZ residents support
  • Diagnostic of the legal risks connected with the realization of PPP project.
  • Development of tender documentation and maintenance of the investor in a competition to sign the concession agreement
  • Disputes resolution relating to the organization and realozation of PPP projects.