Debt recovery

The issue of refund in conditions of unstable market and in the presence of unfair entrepreneurs remains and will remain as a matter of dispute between the organizations.

The recovery process  is established and well thought-out strategy of debt management. The choice of a debt management strategy depends on many factors taken into account in its formation: the liquidity of the debtor, the nature, scope and duration of the debt, the activity of the opponent, a specific region in which the debtor is located, etc. The dent recovery can occur as in the out of court procedure as in the judicial proceeding. Lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group are ready to provide professional legal assistance in this matter, to develop a course of actions with the maximum benefit for the client's business, to represent and defend his legitimate interests.

The main legal tools and technologies of debt recovery include:

  • Information influence on the debtor
  • Mediation (negotiations about out of court decision of debt recovery issue agreed by the parties)
  • Holding the debt settlement with a debtor
  • Appeal to state and higher authorities
  • Judicial debt recovery
  • Debt recovery held by the court, conducting enforcement proceedings
  • Initiation and conducting a case of the debtor’s bankruptcy
  • Criminal prosecution of the debtor

Lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group are ready to help in the following tasks:

  • Development of the legal position on options for debt recovery;
  • Legal representation;
  • Identification of the financial situation of the debtor;
  • Search for the debtor's property;
  • The negotiation process with the debtor;
  • Analysis of the possibility of sale and debt restructuring;
  • Advice on enforcement proceedings;
  • Representation at the stage of the enforcement proceedings;
  • Appeal against actions / omissions of the bailiff;
  • Attachment of the debtor's property;
  • Enforcement of foreign judicial acts in the Russian Federation;
  • Enforcement of arbitration decisions.