Corporate Practice

Corporate practice is a field of work of Tenzor Consulting Group on legal support of the operation of the juridical person (group of persons) and defense of rights of the participants with the use of legal mechanisms.

Organizations and enterprises have to face many issues related to organizational structure, the choice of an optimal control system, methods of reducing the tax burden and others.

Within corporate practice lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group offer a full range of services: carry out a legal analysis of selected organizational-legal form, support mergers and acquisitions, deal with the distribution of assets within the holding and others.

The timely involvement of experts of Tenzor Consulting Group will allow to avoid legal risks, in advance to organize the system, fully meeting the needs of the client's business. Impeccable knowledge of current legislation, acquired experience, individual approach to enquiring the client’s issues allow us to offer solutions that fit your business and will work to achieve your intended results.

Lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group can offer the following services:

  • Support Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Complex legal diagnostic of company;
  •  Business restructuring;
  • Preparation and holding of general meetings of shareholders;
  •  Legal support for the purchase of the business and the merger
  • Representation in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction;
  • Establishment, reorganization and liquidation of companies;
  • Corporate dispute resolution;
  • Antimonopoly regulation.