Contract work with Russian partners

A large proportion of positive economics of your business lies in the relationship with suppliers, contractors and partners. Legal Company Tenzor Consulting Group will provide legal security for business communications with representatives of Russian business.

Main services in the area of contract work with partners:

  • Legal diagnosis of foreign business partners;
  • Consulting on legal matters related to its ongoing activities;
  • Maintenance of claims Client’s work;
  • Maintenance contract Client's work, namely: drafting contracts, agreements, reports of differences, the implementation of legal review of contracts submitted by clients, contracts, agreements;
  • Preparation of conclusions about compliance of documents to the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Adjustment of customer's documents in order to bring it into line with Russian legislation;
  • Participation in the negotiation of treaties, resolving the disputes, related to the execution of contracts;
  • Provision of a written inquiries to the client's written request for the presence in the existing legal provisions governing the solution of various issues that arise during the implementation of the client's activities.