Business maintenance

ubscriber searvice means that the Client always has the possibility to turn to our specialists with any questions about law, to get quickly information about all changes in legislation, check if documents comply with legislation, to get oral and written consultations.

Our experts will elaborate optamal schemes for you, will holld negotiations and claims activity,will check doubtful contracts, will represent your interests in court and other governmental bodies.

The main advantages of suscriber service are: the possibility at any moment to clarify a situation aroused in the course of a company's activity and  to get quick and competent advice.

Standard service list rendered according to the subscriber maintenance contract:

  • Consultation of the Client on the legal questions concerning his current activity;
  • Making the claim work of the Client;
  • Fulfilling the contractual work of the Client, precisely making draft contracts, agreements, controversy protocols; making a legal expert examination all the agreements given by the Client, contractual agreements;
  • Preparation of conclusions on the subject of conformity of the Client’s documents with the present legislation of the Russian Federation; 
  • Amendment of Client’s documents in order to bring them to the conformity with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Participation in negotiations of agreement, resolution of disagreements concerning the contract performance;
  • Providing written certificates at the written request of the Client showing the presence of the provisions in the current legislation which regulate solution of this or that questions arising during the work;
The given list is not full and agreed with an account of the Client’s interests.