Russian-Chinese relations

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Russia and China are among the fastest growing economies in the world . Based on historical experience , we can confidently say that trust and mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and China - the key to the favorable development of the two countries. At the present stage of Russian- Chinese relations are characterized by a wide range of areas of cooperation in the international arena , including in international organizations such as the SCO , BRICS , the UN Security Council and other.

For 10 years of its activity the company Tenzor Consulting Group was implemented a number of major projects involving investments from the Asian region . The company employs Tenzor Consulting Group have specialists fluent in Chinese language and well versed in all the nuances of working with Chinese partners.

Business activity between Russia and China has been gaining momentum , accompanying a need for Russian companies in the resolution of legal issues at different stages of doing business with Chinese partners. Many companies working with China, faced with problems of non-compliance of contractual obligations by the Chinese side ( violation of terms of delivery, copyright infringement, marriage, etc. ) . For example, in late December in our company asked the customer , who purchased the goods from China's more than $ 500 thousand dollars. The product was delivered to the destination in violation of terms of delivery (15 days) specified in the contract , to which according to the contract , if there is a requirement for the buyer , the seller pays the buyer a penalty in the form of a penalty equal to 0.05 % of the value of the goods for each day of delay. The parties were unable to resolve the dispute through negotiation , and the buyer has contacted us to provide its interests in the Chinese court in order to recover the entire amount of the penalty . Thanks to the efforts of lawyers and a correct understanding of the specifics of Chinese law , our client has received all the necessary amount of the penalty .

Many Russian companies carrying out marketing activities in China, have a need for registration of foreign representative offices in the PRC. There are those companies that have the goal to return the value added tax by creating an import-export company with 100 % foreign investment or a joint venture with equity participation of Chinese capital . To implement this direction , Tenzor Consulting Group also assists in the resolution of issues related to the creation of the territory of the PRC.

Every year a growing number of Chinese companies that have registered or plan to register a representative office in the Russian Federation . Most of them are faced with lack of knowledge of Russian legislation and the need to provide services to support Chinese companies in Russia.

Due to the sustained partnership with leading law firms in China and close relationship with the members of the Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong , the level of service remains the same professional level under the laws of that country , in accordance with international law. To date, the company Tenzor Consulting Group concluded a number of international agreements with law firms from Guangzhou , Beijing, Shanghai , Shenzhen and other cities in China. Moreover, with a view to hold a series of meetings with its partners , the company Tenzor Consulting Group will participate in the 115th Canton Fair, which will be held in Guangzhou in April 2014 .

Thus, given the growth of business activity between Russia and China , projects involving Chinese investment for the company are extremely promising.

List of services in this area :

  • Representation and protection of interests, both domestic and in the Chinese court ;
  • Assistance in obtaining certificates and licenses for imported and exported goods ;
  • Maintenance of foreign investment;
  • Support of foreign economic activity;
  • Creating a representative of the Chinese company in Russia ;
  • Establishment of representative offices , foreign companies and joint ventures in the PRC ;
  • Advice on legislation of Russia and China ;
  • Protecting the interests of clients in tax disputes and disputes relating to the application of customs legislation;
  • Support public-private partnerships.