Tenzor Cup by PROyachting. Results and winner!


Last weekend (October 31 and November 1), the final of the Tenzor Cup by PROyachting took place - a regatta in which Tenzor Consulting Group acted as the general partner, and the long-time friend of the company, the yacht club PROyachting, took over.

The series of regattas on sailing yachts of the J70 class was held in four stages, which took place at the Pirogovo yacht club, the Royal Yacht Club and the Gals estate yacht club, and the fourth final stage took place at the Imeretinsky Black Sea resort.

Under the conditions of the regatta, a professional athlete could not take the helmsman's place, which greatly increased the merits of each of the crew members on the way to victory.

The winners were determined by the results of the final and the previous three stages.  The prize fund of the regatta was 500,000 rubles.

The Arttube RUS-1 team (Valeria Kovalenko, Sergey Avdonin, Igor Lisovenko, Denis Rozhkov) became the champion and prize-winner of the season.  The team performed excellently at all four stages and deservedly took the first line of the overall rating.

Valeriy Kovalenko, helmsman of the best team in the series, about the last competition: “We were happy to participate in the Tenzor Cup by PROyachting, because the composition of the participants, the organization of the races, the coastal program and the solid prize fund are all at the highest level!  All 4 water areas are familiar to us, but in the Imereti port we were racing for the first time, so, probably, the final 4 stage at sea was the most difficult.  Due to the cancellation of most regattas, sea conditions were rare this year.

We will be happy to participate next year and as a lawyer, it was very pleasant for me to win the cup of a law firm! "

The crew received a reward and a Tenzor Cup by PROyachting challenge cup, to which a plaque with the name of the winning team of the first regatta season was attached.

Andrey Pushkin, Managing Partner of Tenzor Consulting Group:

“First of all, I congratulate the Arttube RUS-1 team once again on a well-deserved victory!

I would like to thank all the other sailors.  Really strong crews took part in the regatta established by us - it was spectacular!  Thank you all for your emotions!
I would also like to note the professionalism of the referee team.

Many thanks to our friends and partners, the ProYachting team and personally to Mikhail Kondratyev, with whom it became possible for the Tenzor Consulting Group to realize an old idea and launch this series of regattas.

The intrigue of the upcoming season - who will get the Tenzor Cup by PROyachting Challenge Cup!

We are waiting for participants next year and see you again! "

03 November 2020