Tenzor Consulting Group will hold a business matinee “Subsidiary Responsibility of Supervisors”


On October 15, Tenzor Consulting Group will hold a business matinee called “Subsidiary Responsibility of Supervisors” at the Moscow branch of the all-Russian public organization “Delovaya Rossiya”.

It will be about the institution of subsidiary liability in bankruptcy, which is becoming an effective tool to hold accountable those who violate the rights of creditors. The growth in the number of disputes raises the number of questions arising from the application of this institution.

The number of cases initiated on the heads of companies brought to subsidiary liability has been growing for more than a year. According to Fedresurs, last year the courts brought to justice 2125 individuals, from which 330.3 billion rubles were recovered. Now it is allowed to bring to subsidiary liability all persons who took or influenced decision-making in a bankrupt company: owners, managers, chief accountant, and so on.

The lawyer, partner of Tenzor Consulting Group Anton Makeychuk will give recommendations on how to avoid being held to subsidiary liability, and will also share relevant judicial practice on this issue.

23 September 2019