Tenzor Consulting Group successfully managed to protect the interests of a client - a former shareholder and general director of a company declared bankrupt.


In scope of the insolvency procedure, the official receiver filed a claim for damages in an amount exceeding 1 billion rubles. The applicant insisted on the presence of signs of dishonesty in the actions of the former CEO (who was also a sole shareholder of the insolvent company) and referred to a number of unprofitable transactions (contracts for the provision of legal services, a security agreements, etc.) that led to the bankruptcy of the company.

As a result of the analysis, lawyers of Tenzor Consulting Group built and implemented a defense strategy that made it possible to justify the absence of a causal relationship between the actions of the defendant and the resulting losses. In the course of the trial, lawyers managed to convince the court that the former director acted in accordance with a previously developed plan aimed at overcoming the crisis and restoring the debtor's solvency. The main difficulty of the dispute was the lack of evidence that had to be claimed from third parties. As a result, the claim was fully dismissed by the court.

12 November 2019