Tenzor Consulting Group - Strategic Partner of the Legal Executive Assembly 2020


The Paragraph team will hold an unusual legal event - Legal Executive Assembly in Zavidovo on March 20 - 21

An informal meeting, a place of power and development of the leaders of legal, corporate, compliance and GR teams is expected. “Immersion in skills, meanings, game. Our participants are not passive observers, but heroes of the event that are immersed in reality and influence what is happening. Two days filled with deep meanings, vivid emotions and sincere communication”.

Participants and speakers of the event are going to be: directors and heads of legal, corporate, compliance issues, relations with government bodies and management of non-core assets.

Legal Executive Assembly 2020 is dedicated to the topics: operational management, interaction with shareholders, personal effectiveness, career development. The program will include: TEDx’s format performances, an interactive master class, an analysis of real-life examples from large companies’ practices.

“The event promises to be unlike any other in the market. A practical experience exchange, honest stories, important discoveries, communication in an open, informal and constructive atmosphere”, - said Andrei Pushkin, Managing Partner of Tenzor Consulting Group.

25 February 2020