Lawyers of the Tenzor Consulting Group managed to successfully protect the interests of the debtor and the group of creditors as part of the bankruptcy procedure.


In scope of insolvency proceedings of a major regional construction holding, state enterprise “Automobile Roads Service of the Republic of Crimea” filed a lawsuit with the court for an amount exceeding 1.1 billion rubles.

The claim was justified by the presence of the Federal Treasury order demanding to return the monies of the federal budget, that were unlawfully used when paying to the contractor for the construction works performed under a state contract. The order of the Federal Treasury was grounded by a number of circumstances, one of which was unreasonable determination of construction costs.

The dispute was burdened by prior confirmation of the Federal Treasury order by court, which recognized its legitimacy.

Notwithstanding the above, Tenzor Consulting Group team conducted a legal analysis of parties relations and collected some crucial additional evidence, which allowed to develop an essential strategy of defence.

While considering a dispute on its merits, Tenzor Consulting Group team managed to prove that the monies were used legally and without any violations, since the debtor had not been even partly connected to the determination of construction costs (and conditions of the state contract there on).

As a result, the court declared the lawsuit groundless, dismissing it in full.

12 December 2019