Executive Assembly "Genesis" 2021 - (non) conference for leading lawyers


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April 16-18, 2021  Tenzor Consulting Group will act as the general partner of the Executive Assembly "Genesis" 2021 - a one-of-a-kind (non) conference for top managers, for those who have long been a part of the LEGAL EXECUTIVES community - a community of lawyers-leaders, compliance and GR directors and for new participants  from the business community.

What is the event about?

Forced isolation in 2020 clearly demonstrated that without interaction, without live communication and exchange of energy, high-quality ideas have much less chances: people need to recharge themselves from each other, “rub” against each other, turning the potential energy of an idea into the kinetic energy of new projects and victories. At the Executive Assembly "Genesis" we will "fire" to achieve the business goals of the companies, as well as for the personal development of the participants both in their profession and in their personal lives.  And we will do it in our favorite form - we will play, interacting.

How will it go?

Our participants are not passive observers, but heroes of the event who influence what is happening and plunge into reality.  From the very first minutes, the guests find themselves in circumstances unusual for traditional corporate trainings.  Through special direction and design of the event, participants work out questions that are turned both inward and outward.

Cross functionality and interdisciplinarity, transparency and synergy, management of emotions and resources, teams and processes.  Hot trends, new technologies and techniques in management that advanced managers should be aware of.  All this is provided for in the Assembly's program.
An educational and entertainment program with elements of the famous immersive-motivational show, trainings, TED-speeches, storytelling, group work, the game “What?  Where?  When? ”, Music, fitness and multimedia, and many other surprises.

Why do team leaders need it?

Participants will pump their skills and update their knowledge, realize their potential and the capabilities of their team, appreciate the strengths and discover growth points that they have not previously thought about.  And, of course, they will be charged with the energy of change (spring is a great time for this, isn't it?) And will be able to exchange honest experience and new ideas in an informal setting with top managers of the most influential companies in the country.

You can register a participant by mail (hidden) or by filling out an application on the website https://executiveassembly.ru/

18 February 2021