Business breakfast: Financial market 2021. Trends from leaders.


The Discussion Club "Point of View" continues the series of business breakfasts 2021.

Tenzor Consulting Group will partner with the next event, which will be dedicated to the theme "Financial Market 2021. Trends from Leaders."

Speakers will speak on the main trends in the bond market and discuss where to look for profitability in the next decade.

Irina Strelkovskaya, senior lawyer at Tenzor Consulting Group, will talk about the problems of cross-border bankruptcy.

The business breakfast will take place on February 16, 2021.  at the Baltschug Kempinski hotel at 10.00.

The Discussion Club "Point of View" is a closed club for business people, the purpose of which is to form a community of business people who are close in goals and views.  The club holds monthly closed meetings in a different format for its members.

The club's business breakfasts are events that take place in a different format and are dedicated to topical issues of business, finance, politics, and the public.

10 February 2021